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"The Power House."

22 May - 18 Jun 2020


“What you see on my canvas is a result of more than thirty years of development, but not only technically, there is also spiritual growth involved which drastically changed my paintings. I would describe my art as a transfer of my feelings and emotions in a specific moment (Inspiration) onto the surface of the canvas. Strong emotional moments are very important in this act of creation. They may be induced with music or any other circumstances such as joy, love, anger or worry. As they become stronger my artwork will becomes more creative. Imagine how this artwork can vibrate if either love or anger was the feeling transferred onto the canvas by the artist. Such vibrations attract people who have the same or similar feelings and thoughts. What makes a difference is when the artist during the process of creation is filled with the energy of joy and especially Love.”

Nemesh’s paintings are vibrant in colour, harmonious in form and portray a balance between vitality and meditation. His work is exhibited in many private and corporate collections throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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Brian M Smith  – “The Last Kiwi in the Big Apple.”

19 Jun – 15 Jul 2020.

A travel story captured through the lens of a local photographer Bran M Smith during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in New York City. 

From Brian: “Back in mid-2019 two friends from the UK and I discussed the idea of meeting up in New York in the first half of 2020 as we hadn’t seen each other for about three and half years.  The planning for the next six months was steady. By the late 2019, everything had been booked, my flights, hotels etc. For me it was the beginning of a great adventure. Adventure you ask?  Be careful what you wish for they say. “COVID-19”, “social distancing”,” lockdown”, “stay in your bubble” weren’t the words that we used in everyday vocabulary at that stage. I’d never been to New York before, so I was very excited to catch up with my British friends there. My original plan was to fly via Seoul and as the months grew closer; there were whispers of some new virus like bird flu or SARS. But I though ‘it’s always somewhere else’.

Fast forward to one month before and the COVID-19 was quickly becoming a bigger and bigger issue in some parts of Asia. Without realising it, my adventure had already begun. My flight had been cancelled two weeks before going out. Luckily my travel consultant from the ‘You Travel’ agency was on the ball and had booked me an alternative flight via Sydney and Los Angeles. I landed in New York on the 11th March where it was like any other holiday. The locals and tourists were bustling around Times Square and everywhere else for that matter. I had only been there a few days and already started getting few messages from my family and friends saying that New Zealand was coming to lockdown and closing its borders and that I should come home straight away. No way was I going to rush back, I just got here!! As the days and even hours ticked on, more and more about COVID-19 prevailed and it was showing it meant business. People in the New York City were still out and about but that was about to change.

On 16th March the word was out that no businesses other than café’s, deli’s and supermarkets were allowed to stay open but no seating would be provided. It was strictly take-outs only. Grand Central station was still fairly busy but probably not to its usual capacity or anything like how you would see it in the movies.

Just after the semi-lockdown my two friends and I visited Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge where I was approached by a reporter from a local “Brooklyn Paper”. He interviewed us about our thoughts on being tourists during these unusual times. New Yorkers were still out and about and to see a city of this size to be only as busy as Hamilton is astonishing. This was the beginning of it all. New York, the City that never sleeps was about to sleep. Grinding to a halt. People had started to adopt social distancing, gloves and masks. One scene that stuck in my mind was one man lifting up his mask to spit on the ground. You couldn’t make this up! For the first time in my lifetime at least, that whole world was fighting a common enemy. ‘An invisible enemy’. I witnessed it bringing out mainly the best in people.  I never saw people stockpiling at supermarkets as I heard it was happening. At least none I went to.

By the 19th March, my British friends had to go back to the UK.  The goodbye was surreal. I wouldn’t be seeing them for a few years. We couldn’t hug or even shake hands and had to say our goodbyes with a simple wave. It felt very cold but I guess necessary at that time.

I eventually left New York for a few days to see a friend in Washington DC. They seemed to have a semi-lockdown too; though plenty of people seemed to be out and about in the park. On my return, New York was a very different city again. It was if I had left for years. No one was around. No wide eyed tourists, no hustle and bustle. It was a ghost town.

I was staying in Queens, but made my way to Time Square among the neon and rain. That night was a unique experience. Certain things were audibly chilling and I could only hear the wind howling between the skyscrapers and the wind rattling a rope on a flag pole. At the Times Square all you could hear was the hum of neon and the giant wall to wall LED signage and in the distance was the faint chime of a church bell and the echo in the streets of a sax player. By this stage, my travel consultant had brought my flight five days forward to fly back with a direct flight from Los Angeles to Auckland. New Zealand was in the process of stopping all flights from the 30th March. The flight was spacious to say with only seventeen of us in the economy class.  I finally arrived home on the 27th of March.

Once I got to the airport’s car park and started up my car, the first song that came on my radio was “History Never Repeats” by Split Enz’s. You can say that again.”


Exhibition Opening & Meet the Artist:

First view of Nemesh's new art collection + an opening evening is on Friday, 22nd May. From 5pm onward.

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