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Sophisticated, Brass and Silver Jewellery, Hand-Made & Designed in New Zealand

Bobbi Summers Design

"Mycolation Jewellery." A Tauranga based Multimedia Artist and Designer Bobbi with a contemporary minimalist works focuses on shapes, patterns, connections, and tiny worlds. Science plays a vital role in her works along with macro and microscopic photography. She is heavily influenced by the gestural techniques embodied within Japanese ink painting, and ideas attributed to Wabi-Sabi, Zen Buddhism & Mindfulness. Mycolation - The simplistic collation of Mycological (fungi) patterns. With a special focus on the New Zealand forest ecosystem, Mycolation is a series of small design objects that examine the visually fascinating patterns found in fungi, lichen and mould. These patterns are photographed, broken down to simple forms, then assembled in a minimalist style to create small contemporary design works. All jewellery parts are.925 Sterling Silver, made from 100% up-cycled acrylic and packaged in fully recyclable white gift boxes. Please email us your favourite colour and we will check our current design stock.

Please contact us for an assistance with the artwork availability, purchase and the delivery. 

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