Brian Smith

Brian is a creative, Tauranga based photographer who captures the environment around him a contemporary way through natural and abstract photography. His work varies in style however he is most dedicated to his extraordinary landscape photography. A sample of his work can be seen on our website. Photographs are printed on high quality photographic photo paper in various sizes. Please enquire:

From the Artist

“I was born and raised in small town Te Awamutu. I took up photography at the age of eleven, following in the footsteps of my brother, uncle and grandfather who also were photographers. Inspired by the rural qualities of the Waikato, I focused on the natural beauty of the area. This love of nature is something I would fine tune later in the nineties and is still a recurring theme in my images.

In the late eighties I moved to London where I was drawn in by the compelling lights and shapes of the big city. The advantage of a large city like London for me was the freedom of anonymity. London’s rich history and amalgamation of cultures added a compelling backdrop. It allowed the creativity to flow and I took pictures that would not be possible in New Zealand.

I have been back in New Zealand for five years now and have been defining my art, inspired by living in Taupo and now Tauranga. Capturing nature’s abundance of beauty in the lush hills, beaches and the array of birds that we share Aotearoa with gives me great joy and
I hope some of that can come through in my photographs.”

Please contact us for an assistance with the artwork availability, purchase and the delivery. 

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