Tim Jones

Timothy Jones is a painter specialising in contemporary and abstract works. His bold style blends colour and form in an expressive, purposeful way that invites a certain reflection from the viewer. Subtle hues and undertones compliment each other in these works that explore emotion and philosophy.

There is an engaging open-ended narrative in Jones’s paintings that allows the viewer to be suspended in a dreamlike reality. No defined answers are offered, only the encouragement to enter a world within the piece and explore it with your own sensibility. In essence, much of the work is a plateau for personal exploration. The enticing yet muted tones draw you into a tactile surface, guiding the observer whilst encouraging them to fill in the blanks with their own interpretation.

From the Artist

“Painting has always taught me to look deeper, to observe the small details that can often be missed. My aim is to create
a vista that also invites the audience to take a closer look.”

“The paint tells its own story and the movements unfold with expanding gestural marks that blend one into the next.
The idea of storytelling without words excites me and it opens up a new language within the paint. Small worlds create shapes that form the overall piece. Unfolding, they become the chapters in each artwork’s story.”

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