Svetlana Spectra

Dunedin based artist Spectra shared with us that her journey began in 2016 when she felt
a strong urge to step into an art shop to buy some oil paints. Having no idea what to do with them at first, she came home with a bag full of brush kits and paints and started to created her first art piece. Devouring YouTube channel videos of different art styles and techniques and learning so many new things each day about the different types of techniques and learning about various art materials. Her first works were landscapes and portraits and then she intuitively got drawn to creating abstract designs and interpretations of galaxies that have always fascinated her.


In May 2019, Spectra shared with us her beautiful resin works at her first solo exhibition with a title “The Incredible World” at The Art Lounge NZ.
  The Incredible World was a body of works that celebrated creative powers of the Universe.
From the Artist

“With a nursing and beautician background, I am very passionate about healing. hence I found real crystals so unique and a powerful tool for my art. Being involved with Reiki and energy healing, I do my best to combine art with the healing energy of crystals such as rose, clear quartz, citrine malachite etc. For example, selenite crystals are often used to heal and help with negative energies, attention disorder, pregnancies and much more. My resin art has multiple layers infused with acrylic paints, alcohol ink, mineral pigments
and glowing powder to give the painting three dimensional look and depth. These pieces can glow in the dark for up to eight hours.

My passion for creating abstract art has given me a purpose as well as opened my heart and my mind to a whole universe of creativity.”

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