Sara Albisser

Switzerland born Sarah says that art has been a lifelong passion for her and that she is strongly influenced by her father, an architect and abstract artist.

After graduating from the London Studio Centre, Sarah studied contemporary dance at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York and then she launched a career as an independent dancer and choreographer. In 2007, Sarah “switched gears” and moved to New Zealand and since then she has developed her own unique style and technique.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Sarah working with us since early 2015. Her unique drawings are in many art collections worldwide. Sarah is exhibiting regularly in New Zealand and worldwide, especially in Europe and the USA. Please feel free to contact for artworks availability or to discuss the commission work.

From the Artist

“In my work I capture expressions, feelings, moods and mental states. It’s fascinating how each of us is unique, which is shown in facial expression, body gesture and our overall presence. My work is inspired by strong female characters, which are original and have a powerful presence. My large drawings, which I have named “the Wirehead’s”, have evolved from a long history of sketching.
I call it structured improvisation, a combination of uncontrolled chaos with some identifiable characteristics. They represent the energy of thinking and the subconscious mind in movement and in the moment.”


Black and White

“We see the world in colour and thus reality is connected with the presence of colour. Consequently, a black and white image tends to distance us from the accurate depiction of reality and transfer the viewer to a kingdom of abstraction, reducing the image to pre tones, lines and forms.” –  George Gigalakis

Please contact us for an assistance with the artwork availability, purchase and the delivery. 

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