Mira Corbova

Mira is an intuitive, abstract artist and a gallery curator whose work mirrors a passion of self-expression, energy, colour and the connection in various forms. Naturally creative and intuitive person, she enjoys exploring the emotions and feelings she often picks up around her. These are the inspirations that became her creations. Using vibrant oil colours, various shapes flow onto her canvas intuitively.  .

Surrounded with art and design since her early age, Mira has attended a private art school from the early age and when she was eleven years old, she has won her first international award at the International Children’s Art Show in Tokyo, Japan. After finishing her studies in art and photography, and soon after in economics and management in her birth country Slovakia, she moved to the UK in her early twenties where she lived and worked mostly in tourism and events industry for twelve years. Mira has permanently immigrated to New Zealand in 2012 where she pursued her long-term dream by opening her own fine art gallery The Art Lounge NZ. Mira has exhibited in New Zealand and overseas and her art is in private collections mostly in New Zealand, Europe and the USA.

From the Artist

“Intuitive art speaks when words have no form or shape. For me, creating art is an expressive means to channel creative energy with positive emotions that reflect a higher vision within. I believe in the divine healing power of art. Art connects the viewer and the artist. 

I would describe each piece I create as an emotional conversation through colour and shape. a tangible expression of one’s soul. Using oils and working mostly with a pallet knife allows me to achieve a colourful energy in my art that represents a personal freedom and a sense of tranquility. The outcome of my paintings is vibrant and emotive. Once you have connected on an emotional and/or spiritual level, you may even see the images unfolding in front of your eyes. I hope that my art awakens a creative mind and brings harmonious energy, healing, joy and peacefulness into people’s lives. My aim is to inspire and encourage everyone through creativity, to connect and to heal through a language that speaks to your soul. My life goal is to connect more people through creativity and spread positive vibes, love, peace and healing through my art. My works are accompanied by a Certificate of the Authenticity, some with a positive message or a poem.” 

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