Hilary Mance

Hilary is a self-taught artist from New York City adept in realism, surrealism, abstract, impressionism, illustration, cartooning, and graphic design. Photorealism has been her focus until 2012 when she received an assignment in her sleep to convey the experience of ‘Letting Go’. This became the title of the first painting in her new abstract style.

Drawing inspiration from her time living in New Zealand, she incorporates organic materials into her palette such as sand, glass, shells and human ashes (for commissions from families of loved ones who have passed on). Buried in every painting are Sacred Circuitry Symbols. 

Hilary has been exhibiting worldwide for several years now with a great international following and art collectors enjoying her unique art worldwide.Hilary’s next solo exhibition with the title “Home is where the art is” is planned at The Art Lounge NZ on the 11th – 24th October 2019.

From the Artist

“The shift from realism to abstract happened for me through the death of my second husband. I had found out that the first three minutes of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement are the vibrations for letting go. I listened to it every day, and one night in my sleep, a voice told me to paint the visual equivalent to those first three minutes. For the next three months I worked on “Letting Go”, using layers of acrylics, oils, mediums, broken mirror and my husband’s ashes. It was a completely cathartic experience… Not only for breaking through the facade of physicality, but for the expressive freedom of abstract, especially after painting excruciatingly tight photorealism.”

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