Doreen McNeill

Doreen was born in England and trained as a draughtswoman which led her to drawing navigational charts for aircraft by hand. Much as she enjoyed this she found the need for accuracy and detail a bit frustrating. When she left this work and moved to the Bahamas with her husband in 1965 she met a friend who introduced her to the brand new, versatile acrylic paints. She spent many hours “playing with paint” Doreen started studying from books and attempted abstract work which had always appealed to her. She also sold seascapes which she painted from memory, not wishing to copy the wonderful views around her.


From the Artist

It wasn’t until she came to New Zealand that she started to get the hang of abstract work from classes at the WSA in Hamilton. Since then she has gone from strength to strength always “playing” and experimenting with paint She firmly believes that the process is more important than the result and that every painting should be an adventure into the unknown.”

Doreen has exhibited at the Tauranga Art gallery, in Taiwan in the company of Phillippa Blair and Phillip Trustrum and was featured in the TV programme “Put Some Colour in your Life”. She had many exhibitions throughout New Zealand and held a solo Exhibition to celebrate her 90th birthday earlier this year.

We are very excited and privileged to represent Doreen at our gallery, exclusively in the Bay of Plenty Region. 

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