Caroline Burton

Caroline is a fibre artist residing in Auckland.  She creates abstract contemporary artworks using the medium of felted wool and silk fibres, often with three-dimensional sculptural elements.  

On her artistic journey, Caroline has discovered a need not only to express her own innate creativity but also to encourage others to discover and nurture their own. This has led her to become actively involved in events which foster the arts in her local area. She has also been invited to share her insights with various groups and loves to interact creatively with others through demonstrations of her process and workshops.

Caroline’s new art collection will be on show and for sale at her upcoming solo exhibition “In the Land” at The Art Lounge NZ in December 2019.

From the Artist

“A relative newcomer to the world of art, I’m originally trained and worked as an engineer.  Evidence of this previous training can be seen in some of her chosen subject matter: an obsession with geological forms and processes, for instance.  Through diligent practise, as I made my way to becoming a self-taught artist, I have found a passion for creating art that has totally enthrallers me. My work has a strong spiritual component, each piece being an expression of aspects of her faith and is inspired by natural forms.”


2018 – Curated Exhibition “The Cutting Edge: Freeing Textiles”, Arts In Oxford.
2018 – Estuary Arts and Ecology Award Exhibition of Finalists
2018 – Curated exhibition “Renegotiating the Feminine Ideal”, Tacit Gallery, Hamilton
2018 – Ministry of Art, Festival One
2017 – “Created”, ArtsPost Galleries, Hamilton
2015 – “H2O”, Franklin Arts Centre, Pukekohe

2018 Franklin Arts Festival, Textile Art
2017 Franklin Arts Festival, Textile Art
2016 Creative Fibre Felters Award
2016 Creative Fibre Fashion Award


Please contact us for an assistance with the artwork availability, purchase and the delivery. 

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