Amanda Hewlett

New Plymouth based contemporary, landscape artist Hewlett is working in her home based art studio within the sound of the sea and the sight of the mountain. The NZ landscape is used as a vehicle to express the physical attributes of Hewlett’s subject: the evolving identity of New Zealand as a nation

From the Artist

“New Zealand’s history provides a rich resource for the artist, with its related stories including, old photographs, diaries, drawings, and objects in museum collections. With the themes of migration, peoples changing relationship with the natural environment, how history is remembered and recorded, all playing an important role. 

I am inspired by the contemplative effects created by Rothko with his layering of colour. I work with an extra-fine Maimeri paint imported from Italy. Its high concentration of pigment allowing multiple layers of paint, resulting in the atmospheric and moody works that I became to be known for.”

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