Alice Rosier

Alice is a talented, emerging artist whose stunning, tranquil looking, abstract pieces are created on aluminium boards, using a quite complex technique creating multi layers. She works with oil paints as well as acrylics, but her favourite materials she likes to explore with are contemporary mediums of resin, powdered colour pigments, metallic foils and inks.

From the Artist

“I’m English-born but always longed to explore. My heart was always spiritually nestled in the Southern Hemisphere, and New Zealand was the place that made me feel like I’d come home. Despite being as far away from my native homeland as I could be, New Zealand welcomed my family and I like we were always meant to be here and we’ve never looked back.

I work intuitively, exploring ways to channel emotions and share feelings that I can only express visually. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love for colour and an urge to create. I’m always seeking out the beauty within shapes, colour, and a play on light, and how they come together to create magic. I take much inspiration from the places I have seen and all the beauty in the New Zealand surroundings, inspiration is constant and flowing. In the abstract form, I use my art to try and convey a sense of calm, peace and happiness, to encourage others to connect with themselves emotionally. I play over the same themes often, many reflecting natural wide open space, the universe, the water, the sky, or vast open landscapes – and each time the mood or technique dictates a different outcome.”


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