Luke Calder is specialising in geographical hemispheres and world globes in gilded copper with a unique patina finish.

His work explores notions of place, perception and experience, suggesting the potential for a broader landscape and invites viewers to examine their relationships with each other and the world we share. The works are both abstract and familiar and in a state of constant change as is the land they represent. 

From the Artist

I wanted to create a globe that celebrated earth in its purest form free of human influence and definitions. I want my globes to celebrate the incredible planet that earth is.

Ever since I can remember I have held a fascination for maps and globes. This interest, combined with my training as a traditional gilder and designer has culminated in the creation of these unique, handcrafted globes and artworks.

The level of detail and accuracy in my globes can only be achieved through many hours of crafting by a skilled artisan. 
The end result is a unique and beautiful artwork which over time will continue to patina and age as the land itself does.

Please contact us for an assistance with the artwork availability, purchase and the delivery. 

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