Jelena Rukavina

Rukavina is a contemporary painter inspired by nature of water. Original works of art as well as limited edition, framed prints are available to purchase from our gallery. 

She holds Masters in Art-Painting degree at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Jelena Rukavina was awarded
first place in an international exhibition for a portrait done in oil on canvas. Selection was made out of 410 artists that participated and I became the first student to be awarded in this exhibition’s history.

From the Artist

“When you look at the first abstract paintings/prints , you turn back to the very basics of modernist art the interplay of lines, shapes, colors; you feel the power of these structural elements as those most fundamental forces of nature that shape us. Although I acquired academic art training through secondary and higher education from an early age, this time inspired by the elusive nature of water, I wanted to reveal my intuitive side.  Water is painted by feeling, especially one which forms a wave. Supported by the safety of previously acquired painting techniques, I made an accent on a line, a color, a stain, a dot, mixed in a controlled coincidence.

Life near the ocean opens your mind toward the future and how we can destroy or save our planet. I am aware of the human influence on the planet, oceans and what effect people have on ocean life. Living in Wellington for eleven years gave my art a different perspective. I have a reverence for nature and love of the outdoors. My day regularly includes beach walks, which inspire my choice of subject of water.”

Exhibitions & Achievements: 

  • 27 February 2020, Columbia University, New York “Sacred waters” international exhibition (selected artists from 19 different countries).
  • 27 February – 19 March 2020, The Art Lounge NZ, Tauranga “Traces”, solo exhibition
  • 28 March – 27 April 2020, Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, group Autumn Exhibition
  • 15 June – 21 June 2020, Thistle Hall, Cuba St, Wellington, solo exhibition

  • 30 June 2020, Manhattan TV NY, premier of a documentary “Sacred Waters, The Cry of the Oceans” with Jelena’s work featured as a part of the short film which will be distributed to film festivals in NY and LA
  • October 2020, Larnaka Biennale Greece, representing New Zealand 
  • The Art Tour International Magazine,” Artists of the decade”, winter issue 2020, Barnes and Noble print edition, distributed in 650 bookstores in USA
  • Spring issue 2020, “Conservations of Oceans “in collaboration with the Green Planet and Create 4 Peace organizations, published by Barnes and Noble, distributed in 650 bookstores in USA
  • October 2021, Florence Biennale – Italy, representing New Zealand and Serbia , where Jelena is nominated for the award “Lorenzo Il Magnifico.” Among previous winners were internationally well-known artists: Marina Abramovic and David Hockney. The exhibition catalog will have a full page of Jelena’s work and the biography that will be distributed to several libraries in Europe.

Please contact us for an assistance with the artwork availability, purchase and the delivery. 

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