Dalene Meiring

South Africa born Meiring emigrated with her family to New Zealand in 1997 where she has continued to paint full time.

Meiring’s work is exhibited in private and corporate collections throughout New Zealand and overseas. Meiring’s work offers a generous and unapologetic celebration of femininity, inviting us to share in an intense emotional experience of time, place and relationship. Utilising a rich palette, a consistent base of earthy tones speaks of the sunbaked continent of the artist’s origin. A real passion for life is expressed through serene tapestries of shifting textural layers, a kind of organised chaos punctuated with reference points of vibrant colour, form and symbolic elements. Familiar feminine motifs abound; flowers, a bowl of fruit, a resting bird or a delicate string of pearls. At the same time as they may be personal to the artist, we can share in these timeless fragments of daily life, the value and beauty of the everyday elevated to us through quiet contemplation. These intimate motifs are backed by distant horizons and birds.

Meiring’s paintings are rich in colour, harmonious in form and portray a balance between vitality and silent meditation.

From the Artist

“I paint for the love of expression and the passion of life and all the beauty in it.”

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