Sabine Poppe combines her love for the human face and her fascination with colour to produce vibrant portraits. The images are abstract and yet realistic, the eyes and lips seem to captivate the viewer.

2019 and 2012 – Finalist, Molly Morpeth Canada’s Art Awards, Whakatane. 
2012 – First Prize, Trust Art Awards, Auckland. 
2011 – Merit Award, Molly Morpeth Canada’s Art Awards, Whakatane. 
2011 –  First in Category Acrylic, Bay Arts Awards, Whakatane

2019, November –  “Blickfang”, Solo Exhibition, The Art Lounge NZ, Tauranga
2017, January – Solo Exhibition at Art Matakana, Matakana
2016, November – “ Colours, colours and eyes”, Solo Exhibition, The Art Lounge NZ, Tauranga
2016 – WAG group exhibition, Podgorica, Montenegro
2015 – WAG group exhibition, Zichy Palace, Slovakia
2015 – Palais Porica, Vienna, Austria
2014 and 2013 – Art Shopping, exhibitor, Carousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2014 – WAG travelling exhibition, Gallery of Croatian Theatre, Pecs, Hungary  
2014 –  Global Projects, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2013 – Korero Couleurs, Solo Exhibition, 4ArtSake, Ohope

Exhibitor in numerous group exhibitions in New Zealand (Auckland, Rotorua, Whakatane, Oamaru). Visiting artist for YR 8 Students, Kings School, Auckland, 2015.

From the Artist

“I loved painting from my early age and was encouraged by my artistic mother and her fashion designer sister. During my formal education, I completed two science degrees but even then, I preferred to hang around the art college and my best friends were artists.

In the last few years I have had the freedom to follow my passion for art again. Colours and Eyes are what drive my art. I love the visual impact of bright colours, they make my life exciting. To have a big blob of magenta on a palette knife and place it right next to the bright orange delivers “instant sunshine”. The amazing variety in human faces fascinates me, how only minimal proportional changes are recognizable and provide a person’s likeness or not. The eyes in particular give so many information, they really are the window of one’s soul. Closely followed the mouth, is it smiling, wanting to kiss or tight and angry? We are all judging.”

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